Difference: Xojo Multilingual / English only

What’s exactly the difference of the packages? I usually download the EN only, but as I write multilingual content, I am afraid about not knowing very well my choices.

It’s only about localization of IDE.
On an english benefit the EN version saves you disk space.

In the download page should have some explanation. For example: The Multilingual package contains localization of the IDE for the following languages aaaa, bbb, cccc,… zzzz. That’s still not clear. Even the FAQ don’t list what’s the supported localizations of the Multilingual package.

[quote=34209:@Christian Schmitz]It’s only about localization of IDE.
On an english benefit the EN version saves you disk space.[/quote]
It’s not about disk space. If you compare the sizes, they are nearly identical. The reason is there is a very surprising number of users who set their OS to their native language, but want the IDE in English. Having two versions allows them to do this.

I’m French, I don’t speak so good English (I read a little better), but I use the English version. I tried the French version long time ago but I’m lost in the menu.
I always use applications in French when I can, RealStudio/Xojo is the only one I use in English.

I think it would be interesting to know how many none English speaker people use English version instead of localize version.

Hello Thomas,

I’m french too (Nobody is perfect…) and I’m using the french version. However Xojo IDE is more easy to use in english and the French localization is not complete (some words are missing)

I never use localized versions (of any application) if I can read the original language. Often the translations are not very good or complete. I also dislike when websites adapt to my local language (Spanish), just like Xojo.com does (and I know I have the option to choose the language at the bottom).

Besides, if you need to get help here you have a better chance in English, and in that sense it’s better to have the IDE in that language.


I use the English version too, since there isn’t a swedish one.
If there were I would still use the English one though, like Pixie :slight_smile: