Difference between RegexMBS and new PCRE classes?

What is the benefit of using the new classes? Are there speed improvements or are the new classes just different?

I read nothing about (new RegEx/PCRE) that in the Release Notes.

See blog post: New PCRE2 Plugin for Xojo

I expect the new library to be faster, especially when the JIT compiler comes to use.
And I assume there will soon be someone doing a benchmark.

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I read the blog post before posting here. The blog doesn’t really contain any information about what changed. Are there new features?

It is version 2 of the PCRE library and new classes based on them.

The new thing may be the better unicode handing and the JIT compiler.

I made some optimisation and benchmarks:

So with PCRE2CompilerMBS you are about the level of older RegExMBS.
If you turn on JIT compiler, it takes a bit longer to prepare, but is much faster to find the matches.


Please try new plugin: MBS Xojo Plugins, version 22.2pr5

And I made some benchmarks and optimized it more: Iterate with PCRE2