Difference between Plugins for one OS vs All

Just out of curiosity…

  • When I download the MBS plugins I need to choose the Xojo OS (Windows, macOS or Linux) — I tried the macOS plugins on Windows and they didn’t work!
  • Yet when I download the Einhugur plugins they work for all OS’s.
  • Even stranger is that the MBS beta plugins don’t specify the OS ie its one size fits all, like Einhugur.

Can someone please explain this trivial dilemma?

Correction to the above — the MBS beta plugins are NOT one size fits all, but the DMG version is for macOS and the zip version is for Windows.

but the files should be same independent of packaging!
MBS Plugins including always all targets.

I downloaded Xojo for Windows onto a Windows 10 VM and copied my macOS plugins into the Xojo application folder. On launching it showed the plugins being launched, but on running it gave hundreds of compile error that the plugin items (eg SQLDatabaseMBS) could not be found. When I downloaded the Windows-version plugins from the MBS web site, replacing the macOS plugins, the application ran (on Windows) without error.

This is what led me to believe that there must be a difference between macOS, Windows and Linux plugins from MBS.

My beta plugins are not always perfectly recompiled and may miss something.