Difference between cstr and str?

What is the difference between “cstr” and “str” as they both appear to do the same thing but is some example code “str” is used and in others “cstr” is used?

cstr is localized, str is always US format.

Err what does that mean? I thought it just converted from non string to string format. If you do a Google search you get lots of different answers for different Basic compilers but not for Xojo or RB?

From the docs on CStr:


So is that the same for a web app?

Nope :frowning: That is server side code, so it will be querying the local server for its localization settings. I believe the general idea is you have your users register their language. Then you can use the optional parameter to Str to specify a decimal format:

Str(5.55, "#.##")

Great, thanks.

For the web app we have FormatMBS function in plugin. You can define locale for each user and than have it formal using that locale to ensure your users have native localization for numbers.

Thanks everyone for the replies, I need to think about how this is going to effect my users and may have to look at using the FormatMBS.