Did you say "screen size fragmentation" ?

At a time when Xojo is preparing to release a version of the IDE that will support iOS with a brand new Auto-Layout feature, it is interesting to see how many screen sizes browse the Internet.

See http://netmarketshare.com/report.aspx?qprid=17

It is kind of frightening …

Autolayout is tacit recognition of the fact that there are vastly more screen sizes than ever before

To be fair, that list has a very long tail, and I’d bet almost all of the very rare ones at the end are not actual hardware sizes, but folks running Virtual Machines, where it resizes the screen size to the window size - and I think that’s not an iOS list, but just “all”.

Notice that even Apples new simulator has “Resizable iPad” and “Resizabe iPhone” entries
I’m not going to pretend that I know what that might mean but its a curious couple entries

And in that survey to get to covering some 75% of screens you have to still handle a long list

It’s not JUST iOS as Michel said [quote=149137:@Michel Bujardet]it is interesting to see how many screen sizes browse the Internet.

It is “All”. Which is relevant not only for iOS, but also for Web Edition. And one of these days for Android.

Even more interesting, tablets larger than the 9" iPad are already here :

13" :
22" !!!

The second one seems to be terrible. But since the screen hardware already exists, chances are we’ll soon see 15" and 17" tablets.