Did Someone Fix Copy/Paste in 2014r2.1 While I Wasn't Looking?

Is it my imagination or is using keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste (CTRL_C / CTRL_V) fixed now in 2014r2.1? I saw one comment to that effect (that it was fixed) several weeks ago here on the forum but no one else has mentioned it again (that I have seen) ever since … so, I’m wondering … because after I downloaded 2014r2.1 (immediately after I saw that one comment about it being fixed), it has worked flawlessly on my Windows 7 Ultimate system ever since. Not a single “missed keyboard stroke” … What a difference I’ve found that to make in my individual coding productivity! So, is it really fixed, or did Scotty mistakenly beam me up to “Xojovana” (that mystical place where everything works all the time and every programmer has a dozen Norm Palardys assigned to him for 24/7 support) ^^

It was fixed…

Hmmm … interesting … I would have expected at least a portion of the legion of folks that constantly bitched & moaned about the problem to at least comment favorably about the fix. I realize it was a long time in the making, but give credit where credit is due … THANKS XOJO!!!

These people now recriminate and whine about something else :wink:

Wayne and I were the most vocal about the issue and we did send a special thanks, here’s mine from 2.1b7 testing on the issue:

“…feel like I am working in an honest to goodness, rock-solid editor. Great work, guys!”

But for many users, I think they get drained dealing with something like Copy-and-Paste that should just work and was broken for over a year. The frustration level with that issue was off the scale.

Thanks for informing me. I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for you.