Did someone break IDE scripting...?

Xojo 2015r4, Mac OS 10.9.5
I’ve been working on a build script and it seems that PropertyValue returns nothing. I’ve been fiddling with the tools I have to work with XojoScripts, and they’re reporting that there’s no project currently open (there is.) I have tried closing and re-opening both the project and Xojo.

I tried printing the result with the script being a build step, nothing returned. So, with a project open, I went to run the example script.
This is what I got:

Trying to get the App.ShortVersion, but it seems IDE Scripting is misbehaving right now.
Or is there another secret?

Been following the documentation, and using the example projects.

Did you rename the “App” object in your project?

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Oh lord.
Thanks, Kem.

[quote=237373:@Tim Parnell]Oh lord.
Thanks, Kem.[/quote]

Been there, done that too. Don’t worry about it… lol.

Why is not App.Name read only ?