Did HashTagChanged got dismissed?

I’m trying to play with Eddie’s electronics web part and on V1 I remember when changing the #Log in url we get the log page, while here we do have the code in


but it seems that it never gets fired, is that normal ?

Select Case Name
Case "Log"
Case "customerID"
  If Data.ToDouble > 0 Then
  End If
End Select

anybody has similar issues with this ?

Could you please verify in Session.HashtagChanged if it actually fires or not with
system.debuglog currentmethodname

Then manually, put at the end of the URL bar something like “#test

If you have an older Windows Xojo version, you may need to use DebugView which lets you get the debug signal. Most recent version of Xojo seems to display it internally in the Message pane, at the bottom center of the window, third icon on the right.

Unfortunately I’m on Mac not windows, and I did test by putting a debug log and it never gets fired, if I put a breakpoint no idea but never happens on my, I guess maybe a Mac issue . and all the tests were done on the example in xojo so their examples.

I guess I’ll have to file a bug report maybe

Filing a bug report is always a good idea.

Which version of Xojo are you using ?

Latest 2020R2

Apparently it’s a Safari issue, I just tested now on Chrome and it works well . so I guess the issue is related to the browser, I’ll file a bug report, done #63038

Annoying, isn’t it? But nothing solely related to Xojo. I’m testing mainly on Chrome, then the Microsoft Edge Chromium, then Firefox … then I go for a cup of coffee … then Safari … and then I go for a looong walk (as the gyms are closed here). Safari is definitely a little princess :frowning: - if it works on Chrome I’m fine. Issues on other browsers are not ignored by me, but it is not yet a priority for me to get them fixed.

I just checked. Safari does something real nefarious: if you change hashtag, it takes that as a query, and sends that to Google!

There is no workaround for that kind of bug.