Hi. I’m trying to create a DialogWindow. According to the docs (Creating dialog boxes — Xojo documentation) I can do this:

Var dialog As New DialogWindow

Except I can’t, DialogWindow is not recognised. Simple fix? Something I’ve missed?

have you added a window and named it DialogWindow?

The search feature at the target page (read above URL) does not know DialogWindow.

It is not just Xojo.

Don’t tell Geoff they forgot to rename MessageDialog for no reason.
That’s the class you’re looking for. MessageDialog

Edit: Nevermind, that code is in the custom dialogs section. It’s just more incomplete documentation :roll_eyes: . I think you’ll need @Jeff_Tullin 's initial advice.

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Thanks all. Jeff had it as do some others, thats what comes from rushing to try something and not thinking properly. Cheers all :slight_smile: