DGTL. FILE output - How can I retrieve it?


I have an olympusCV-140 video processor, it is used for endoscopic procedures (Medical).

It has a DGTL. FILE output


Is that a CENTRONICS 14P FEMALE socket?
I am of the opinion that I can access still images that are captured during the procedure via this connector, if I am correct how can I get those images?



Dear sir: I have an older video processor that has the same type of output and sockets. I also wonder if I can get digital images from that output.

Did you have success in getting those images?

Sincerely, Marcelo E. Varas M.D.

I wouldn’t like to write my payment details in order to get a “verified person”.

I will be pleased if you could write me your experience with this issue.


Marcelo E. Varas M. D.