Dexpot Virtual Desktop for Xojo Applications

Dexpot is a virtual desktop application for Windows7. You can assign diffent virtual desktops to any application. This works with any application (old apps like Adobe Illustrator CS3 or new apps like Adobe Acrobat X or GIMP 2.8.2) . For a developer there is nothing to do for the Dexpot integration. By default the application window in only visible on the virtual desktop that you start it. But applications that made with Xojo and the Xojo application self are always visible on any desktop.
Does anybody know what problem is?


I got the same problem too with Dexpot.
Also tried the new windows 10 technical preview - and got mixed results.


Same results from Actual Virtual Desktops 8.2 & VirtuaWin - Multiple virtual desktops…
Xojo does not work good with Virtual Desktops.


Confirmed for Dextop unde Windows 7 64 bit. When the IDE is launched, it does not appear immediately in the other desktops. Seems Xojo is monitoring the current screen and displays after a short while, with quite a bit of flicker. The same occurs with Xojo made apps.

Am not so sure it should be construed as a bug, though. These kinds of applications may be using some kind of undocumented features that are not entirely compatible with standard display. It would probably merit some investigation on the technical features of these programs.

Thank you for reporting that, though. Some users may bump into it, and placing a disclaimer somewhere about that incompatibility seems necessary for Xojo produced apps.

I just spent a moment in the Dexpot forums. Seems they are aware of the issue :

Problem is, the remedy they propose of running Dexpot as administrator, does not work.

I posted a message on their forum. Hopefully they will be able to provide some answer.