Devils Punchbowl - Music

Hi - Thought I’d share something from my passion - music and my new band…

Finally got the first mix from our first gig - thought I’d pass them on for your listening, if anyone is interested. Quite pleased how they have turned out, these were straight lines taken at the gig, one take, warts and all :slight_smile: Not bad for 3 rehearsals since the bands inception!

(These are large WAV files so be advised!!)


Not bad Patrick! Well done!

Euh… I just looked at your status message. Do I see a SQL-injection attempt? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought I’d try :wink:
You’re the first to notice…

Sounds really good Patrick!
Well played :wink:

Maybe I should get back to playing the drums like I did when I was 15…could be fun :slight_smile:

Do it! I find music such a release…

What do you play?

I play bass - have done for donkey’s years…

Glad people are enjoying them :slight_smile: We’re very pleased how they came out after so few rehearsals.