Development profile is required when building an iOS app (Part 3)

In Part 2 of this conversation, I followed Paul’s instructions and got the little example Estimator app to build, load to the iPhone and run. So I embarked on writing a more useful app. When I go to build it, get the infamous “Development profile is required when building an iOS app” message.
I have both Estimator and the new app open in Xojo side by side. The bundle IDs are identical wild card IDs. The Code Signing team is identical in both apps. One builds and one doesn’t. I have pictures if they will help diagnose this.
Any ideas, please.

Did you select your provisioning profile for the app? You need to select the same profile that goes with the bundle ID and is on your test device by click on the 3 dot button ("…") next to Entitlements right below where you select your team.

Jason, Thanks for quick response. The puzzle gets deeper.
While you were answering I started a new project, entered the ca.mycompany.* wild card ID and selected my Code Signing team. Did not click on the … button to select the provisioning profile. This new project builds perfectly.
On the project which will not build I have now clicked on the … button and selected the provisioning profile which was still on my desktop from last week. It still gives the error message.
I am going to port everything from the project that doesn’t build to the new project that does build. This will take a few hours but I will let everyone know if that works.

Ported everything from the project that will not build to a new project that I created today and checked that it would build. After porting everything to the new project it builds perfectly.

CONCLUSION: Anytime you are starting a new iOS project follow these steps:

  1. Create a new iOS project.
  2. In Build Settings: iOS enter your bundle ID (probably com.mycompany.*) and select Code Signing team.
  3. Jason says you also need to click the … button beside the Entitlements field and select you provisioning profile that you have loaded into your test device.
  4. Make sure this blank project runs and builds before you invest a lot of time writing code.
  5. Now you can start development.

I just posted about the same problem. So it is Xojo issue? There is nothing I can do to fix it, it is luck, stabbing in the dark? I am very ticked off by this revelation. Does anyone know what is the process for getting the refund?

Did you follow step 3 above and select a provisioning profile? That is the step that always seems to come up and get overlooked causing people problems. I had the same problem several months ago and that is what solved it. Additionally, if you open up preferences in Xcode, then click accounts -> view details do you see signing identities for iOS Development and iOS Distribution and all of your iOSTeam provisioning files? If not try refreshing with the button in the bottom left so they download on your computer, without them Xojo cannot build.