Development like XOJO Environment


Someone of you has developmente an aplication like the XOJO environment, i mean, a toolbar always on, a list like treeview allways on, the windows work space allways there, what do i need to do?

Thank so much

If I understand what you are looking for correctly - I think you want a common Mac/Windows application kind of style. When I have done this before I have needed to add some 3rd party controls to get the application looking like I want it. You could make your own controls if you have enough resource. There were some posts today mentioning the free FGSourceList so you can search for that as the basis of a left hand list control (not sure about tree). You may also want a 3rd party toolbar if the Xojo one is not enough for you. I saw some posts and had an email about a vendor called Jeremie Leroy who produces a nice set of controls. Lastly you may want a status bar - I think Jeremie Leroy is providing his for free.

I hope this helps.


Like XOJO environment as you see XOJO when you open it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, i will contact to jeremie leroy, could give me his email address or web page?