Developers get paid by the minute

Some of us are concerned about how Apple’s App Stores are maturing (or not maturing). In short, it’s increasingly hard to make money from the App Stores, unless you’ve a huge title or have lots of smaller apps to make up your income. But Amazon have come up with an interesting model to pay developers - free apps for users, but Amazon will pay devs per minute of usage. It’s called Amazon Underground.

Interesting idea, at least…

The evolution of the app stores was to be expected. Early birds made money by mere effect of scarcity, until ease of development and the generalization of coding culture created a wave of new developers coming to market. And that’s when the nature of software shows. Creativity is one thing, but in each category, there are only a finite number of iterations around the major concepts. The result is a terrible overaboundance of similar titles.

Amazon Underground is not unlike the cloud app logic. Instead of buying the program, consumers buy usage. Problem is, the biggest sharks are already on the cloud : Adobe, Microsoft, and especially Google. One will need to have a darn original app to justify the rent per the minute model. I can see how some data providers could profit from that, but yet again, we are talking about mammoths…

I just hope Apple do something in the next year. The system is broken.

imo the trick is to make many small apps instead of one-do-it-all app. This way you can generate some good monthly revenue.
Also, in-buy apps are ‘out’. Many people don’t like it and try to avoid them.

On the Windows side, there were never any equivalent to the MAS, and to this day, the only way to sell software is by spreading wide quantities of trial packages in the hope of being noticed by users who may decide to buy – or not. There are dozens of shareware archives around, with very uneven quality. For a developer, it is necessary to very carefully research the market and make darn sure one’s app it superior in every aspect to the competitors. And of course this competitive edge rarely survives for more than a couple months.

I had great hopes for the Centennial Bridge that will enable Xojo apps to get in the Windows 10 Store, but now it is officially for next year (sometimes next year, no date set). And at the same time, the Windows 10 Store no longer accepts Desktop apps for listings, as was the case with Windows 8.x.

To be fair, we had it extremely good in the MAS for a few years. The current evolution seems to me of the same nature as what is happening on the Windows side. It seems time to have a trial archive for every title in the MAS posted in MacUpdate, CNet, and possibly others I have not researched yet. Seems also imperative to be able to sell direct from one’s web site, as I started doing over a decade and a half ago. In a harder market, time to recoup the 30% cut from Apple when possible.

So far, iOS has been a very disappointing experience for me. I know I am not alone ; there are many such accounts in Apple dev forums and elsewhere.

Yes, I do hope Apple realizes the App Store bazaar has become inadequate. But am not sure they even care. They no longer need apps to sell their phones, as it was in the last decade.