developers for opensource xojo project

hello everyone! I begin with an opensource project based on xojo obviously, but do not know where or how to find developers to contribute to the code. will be business management software

on this page -> is possible to find paid xojo developers, but i don’t know if it will be possible to find developers for the opensource project

thank you in any help

The only way you are going to find developers willing to contribute to an open source XOJO project is if it meets specific criteria

  1. The project will have a benefit to the general public and/or the XOJO developer community
  2. the project is INTERESTING
  3. the developer has time to invest in a non profit generating endeavor

So, from my point of view… Good Luck :slight_smile:

Since you are starting the project and have identified its requirements the burden is on you to start coding. After that you need to put your recruiter hat on and ask for help with specific tasks that could benefit your project. Over time you may drum up enough interested parties to stay involved long enough to consider them core contributors. All the while you have to communicate the projects purpose, motivations, and keep it on track while providing an illusion of democracy. Should you be fortunate enough that someone would care enough to disagree with you and fork the code you have reached the epitome of open source success.

All in all I would say open source is probably more work for you than just using your checkbook. If a checkbook is not available then prepare to get coding and be creative.

Be positive: if the open source project is… not on dark area / niche market / etc. you certainly will get some contributors.

Now, like said Dave, you have to come back (in a new conversation) and explain what will do the application and what kind of help you need (you may eventually also need someone to write the documentation).

Then, you may know if Phillip answer comes to light… or not.

I have now developed a fully functional application to control the stock. what I want is to become a large project and expand it or make it available to everyone. one opensource project that is a real alternative to commercial applications and also multiplatform. I would also add modules to cover all aspects of management of a company. if anyone wants to add their knowledge or code for this initiative is welcome … everyone can contribute their specific skills to the project. maybe you can email me if you are interested

Just post your present code for instance on a Github repository, then, and post your call for assistance on that page. That is how you start an open source project.

You still have not indicated what this idea of yours is about… so how can anyone tell if they are interested or not

Stock Market? Cattle? Broth?

ALL aspects? ambitious

Is this some kind of recipe app?

From his posting in Spanish, it’s clear he means “stock control” (“control de stock”).

While I knew what he meant (I write inventory management software), “stock” and even “stock control” are somewhat ambiguous. I mean, since when do we need software to control the cattle. :wink: The guys are just having a little good natured fun with the language barrier.


I think hi like to make app = to quickbook or peachtree