Can someone please tell me if is a replacement for the language reference? seems to have the same information, so I am a bit confused as to which is the best source of information?

Thank you.

for now both is mostly NEW reference
and is the classic language reference

So it’s basically a framework difference?

at the moment yes


Good to see the classic language reference still be available for older compiler versions,
whereas the developer.xojo one must be available for current compiler versions, I think.

Can I ask - on the developer site - why is the front page mostly iOS centric?
Most of the content in the square box is iOS related?

The new framework is mandatory on iOS, as the classic framework does not exist there. As such, the new framework is iOS-heavy. This should change in the future, as the new framework becomes better supported on the other project types.

Cool - I was afraid that Desktop was going to slide down the order of importance :slight_smile: