has lost its pages !

Whichever page on triggers a 404 error, including /home !

Ouch :frowning:

Yeah, I just noticed that, too.

[quote=270202:@Loannis Kolliageorgas]I found it :wink:
link text
Osx reference[/quote]
That is the Developer section for Apple. Michel meant the Xojo developer pages

Yes my bad…I just woke up !! :slight_smile:

Nice… same here… but er… enjoy your coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

seems to work over here

Weird… here it still shows

The page cannot be found


Maybe it’s a maintenance thing. In that case we just have to wait it out :slight_smile:

Now is working for me :wink:

Here too

Ok now pages is back, so i will enjoy my coffee without worry :smiley:

All is well that ends well :slight_smile:

During the downtime, I used the new local help. It has the same content. Somehow I cannot get over the big white space, though.

But not for the new framework, right?

There are a few pages missing from bugs in the creation process but the new local should have the vast majority of the new framework as well

Yes, the new framework is in there. I needed it for Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket, and it is there OK.

I see them now. I had “go online for most recent documentation” checked in the Xojo preferences.
I will remember that if this ever happens again… :slight_smile:

It should be the backup process that runs and takes things offline while the backup is taken then things come back
So it should happen every day at the same time

Check ??