Developer Removed From Sale

Info, in case it happens to anyone else…
Ive been waiting for an app to go through review.
It took 5 days, and then within seconds of approval, it went to ‘Developer Removed From Sale’

I didnt.

So I built a new version, uploaded, submitted, and the same thing happened.

It appears that the problem is down to not explicitly saying which countries the app should be available to.
I imagined I might just need to state which ones it WASN’T available to, but hey ho…

So I’ve set up availability and I’m retrying.

Adding countries , and it changed itself to ‘Ready For Sale’
Saved me uploading another build, at any rate.

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I thought you were going to talk about voluntarily removing an app from sale, which I have done. Removed my embarrassing first iOS app when I issued a much better app that could do more. It’s still in my account but I’ll never make it available again.

I’ve done that a few times.
Early ones written in Corona that werent 64bit and no hope of being recompiled.
Ive recently also removed them from my account too… sick of seeing them cluttering up the place.