Developer Mode Windows 8 - Location of SpecialFolder.CurrentWorkingDirectory

In Windows 8, where is SpecialFolder.CurrentWorkingDirectory pointing to ?

Dim mainFolder As FolderItem = specialfolder.CurrentWorkingDirectory Dim checkFolder As FolderItem = mainFolder.Child("test") if checkFolder.Exists = false then checkFolder.createasfolder() end if

I am trying to create a folder …

It is not creating the folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xojo\Xojo 2014r2.1
And is not creating the folder in project folder or subfolder Debug…

Edit: If I use Desktop as SpecialFolder, it works just fine.

It’ll create it in the project folder if you build the application, I have no idea were it goes if its in debug

Can’t build :frowning: it’s a Xojo demo

If it was me,… I’d just use desktop or set a path in stone while your testing

Maybe someone knows a better solution :wink: it seems a bit weird you can’t create a folder in the debug folder

Yes, that is exactly what I am doing :slight_smile: Using the Desktop for test (am I you ? ehe)

Edit: app.ExecutableFile.Parent.AbsolutePath does the trick…

I would also like to get the application filename + extension (cross platform win+mac) but not sure if thats possible. I found the .Parent.Name property but has no .EXE


Thanks Michel!