Developer Manifesto

Got this via an email from the folks at Tower this morning and I thought I’d share it with everyone:

I especially like… “Embrace Version Control. It’s Your Safety Net.”

All good points… except for “DRINK GOOD COFFEE”… because there is no such a thing (yuck)

here are “my rules” :slight_smile:
My Four Programming Rules

uhm… test your code is the hardest :wink:

Sigh… bad contrast as usual. Instead of showing me the text the “developers” play stupid tricks to show me something I can’t really read. Then they want my email address for a simple pdf.

What? You never tried that extremely expensive coffee that went through the intestinal of some felines, did you? :wink:

Anyway: Your rules make me think you did read Asimov …

But you can order the poster on black for only 21–36 US$ – must be an extraordinary good print!

everything he ever wrote (except some of his non-fiction)

And I can’t stand the taste of coffee regardless of price… love the smell, hate the taste… ironically when I was growing up both my parents drank a lot of coffee, but neither my sisters nor myself ever have.

Just use for those one off downloads…

That website gave me cancer.