and limbo

so to start out, this is just venting… and a few compliments.

I decided this evening to sign up for an official (for the company) account and pay for the MacOSX program. Basically so I can sign my OSX apps and get past gatekeeper. Once I get the certs I can then use App Wrapper to sign the apps and gatekeeper will shut up.

I signed up for an account. No problem.

Went to sign up for the MacOSX program and my billing address has no state. And I can’t set one. Odd but I continue through the wizard until the point to has to verify something before asking for money. The wizard pukes. and hard. I cant get past this point nor set the state. So I called Apple Support. The VRS (Voice Response System) tells me that it is at least 5 minutes to get a human on the phone. seconds later, a human is on the phone. He transfer he over to the developer side of the house. Again the VRS tells me it is going to be a minimum of 15 minutes to get a human. seconds later (this time it is like 30-40 seconds), I get a human. After talking to him, he need to get me with someone with Pro Apps Support. ok. He stays on the line with me making sure I understand they haven’t dropped me in a well or forgotten about me. No problem. After about 30ish minutes on “hold” with Mike, he tells me that Pro Apps Support has closed down for the night and have to call back in the morning after 9am CST (Central).

I know Apple you have more money in the bank than most small countries but I am truly trying to give you more.

I do have to give it to apple support that they met or exceeded all expectations they laid out for me on the call. Well except the one where I would get my issue fixed tonight.

Great Support but no solution. How would you rank that on a scale of 1-10?

I thought it was very funny Scott. I’ll give it a 10. :slight_smile:

I needed a good laugh… thank you.

And the bugs from their recent updates continue… Not only iOS & Yosemite, iTunes Connect was revamped at the same time and has new bugs, now you can’t even sign up for it… Way to go!

I’m kind of mad that they forced me to change my password.
I enjoyed my muscle memory password, but somehow they “detected” (read: they don’t hash passwords.) my password wasn’t complex enough. It was a huge debacle because the support phonecall people hung up on me when I demanded someone who knew what was going on. Got a direct number to corporate and spent 45 minutes on the phone arguing with them over it.

Still nnnnot happy. I couldn’t come up with anything to change it to for like a week, so I made it PlainTextPassword1234 out of spite.

I have since changed it, but 7 years of muscle memory is hard to forget :frowning:

I miss Jobs.

I too miss a job !
;-:slight_smile: but truth.

There is no doubt in my mind that Cook is a great business man, but since Jobs has left, it does feel like QA has gone to pot. I know that I’m not the only one feeling that way. However some friends have assured me that massive internal meetings have been taking place to figure out what went wrong… For a rather large fee, I can tell Cook exactly what went wrong…

“Jobs died… Can I have my million dollar cheque now?”

Thats what’s wrong. Happens to all companies that do 18 Billions profits in a single quarter.

I do not think so. As an example:

My previous MacBook Pro was a late 2011 model. I had heat and display troubles and in an Apple Store visit I was said: yes it is hot after some minutes…".

Now that I have a Mid-2014 MacBook Pro I realize (and that is the reason why I’ve made a change / the change was granted) that it was the laptop fault, not the external monitor fault’.

A late 2011 (build in 2011-10) MacBook Pro.

[quote=163015:@Johnny Harris]I thought it was very funny Scott. I’ll give it a 10. :slight_smile:

I needed a good laugh… thank you.[/quote]

I am glad that I was able to bring some humor to your day.

BTW: after a 5 minute phone call this am, I got past my issue. I am all signed up, just waiting for approval…

Not necessarily. They can test the strength of the password when you are logging on because you gave it to them in the clear at that point.

Scott, I definitely have felt your pain. My wife and I recently purchased iPhone 6 pluses. I set hers up no problem. When I set mine up I used a different iCloud account. When it came to setting up Apple Pay, hers would work, mine would not. Kept getting an error that referred me to my credit card provider. After spending about an hour on the line with the credit card company, they decided to call Apple. After being passed from department to department (about four times) we landed in an office where you go to Apple to pay a bill you owe Apple. They apologized and said they knew nothing about Apple Pay. They forwarded the call to what they thought was the right department and that department said they were clueless as well. One more phone transfer and the line went dead. In total about two hours of spent time without a hint of help. I don’t think there is even a department that supports Apple Pay that you can get too. I finally gave up and used the same iCloud account as my wife. The problem is that Apple has become so large that even the departments within it don’t know each other.

not the department, but people does not know because either they do not have time or do not care.