Determine if a FolderItem is a Disk on Windows

Since I’ve learned the hard way that not all Windows disks start with a Drive Letter, is there a WIN32 API call that will allow me to differentiate between a folder and a synthetic drive mount point?

Xojo, WIN32, or MBS solutions welcomed. No mask or Vax passport required :laughing:

GetFileAttributes and SHGetFileInfo

if(attr->dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT)
    if(attr->dwReserved0 == IO_REPARSE_TAG_MOUNT_POINT)

TAG_MOUNT_POINT - Thanks Björn!

But… Doesn’t “If MyFolderItem.Parent=nil then” just work?

Not if the disk is mounted under an empty folder.

How about folderitem.driveAt ?

I have found a reference to this function in our code base:
PathIsRootW function (shlwapi.h)

Declare Function PathIsRootW Lib "Shlwapi.dll" (sPath As WString) as Boolean

It turns out to be easier than any of us grasped - IsFolderItem handles both cases since I only need to know that the dropped object is one or the other.