Determine connected disk model and vendor?

I made the assumption that diskutil would remain consistent in its output, but discovered my mistake. For example:

diskutil info /dev/rdisk3 | grep "Media Name" 

used to provide this. Now, it’s returning the volume name that you gave the drive when you formatted it. The Disk Utility application gives the info if you enable “Show all devices” in the nav pane, so the information is there - somewhere.

Is there a mechanism to get the device information that would normally be returned in an INQUIRY command given a raw disk device such as /dev/rdisk3? I’m specifically trying to get the manufacturer and model info -i.e. Toshiba TOSMXXXXXXXX.


You can use:

system_profiler -detaillevel full SPNVMeDataType

This for NVMe, for other kinds of devices/software you can get list of available DataTypes with:

system_profiler -listDataTypes

Hope this helps you

I totally spaced on system_profiler because I was trying too hard to get the diskutil options to work :person_facepalming:

I’ve been trying and you can get the make and model with diskutil with some like (without the /dev/xxxx, just the name you get with diskutil list):

diskutil info disk0

Glad to help