Detection of not called Method

We get wrong (typo) called Methods, not used Properties/Variables, etc., but is Xojo able to told me "The Method My_Nice_Method()” is not used at IDE run time ?

When you have only some (<10), you can change its name (append a suffix for example) and try to compile and wait an error (or not…), but when it is a standard (large) project, it is simply not usable (too time consumming).

I woke up this morning with this question in mind (I had nothing better to dream to, apparently) :wink:

Sounds like this would be a useful addition to Arbed by @Thomas Tempelmann

Its a very useful tool as it stands (I bought it).

This would require logic at the same complexity as the actual compiler… as it would have to resolve all kinds of scope and namespace issues… If you have 10 methods with that same name and each is in 10 specific classes… which are used and which may not be?

Trust me, this is a puzzle I have noodled over for years to no avail.

yeah you’d have to resolve the signatures of the method in almost exactly the same way the compiler does
overloads with optional params etc would be particularly tricky