Detecting mavrick via WE

I am using the webcustomcontrols plugin (in version 2.2 as it does not yet work in any newer versions) however under mavericks it is very intermittent so I am trying to detect if we is connected to a mavricks o/s or not. Don’t think this is possible but I need to call the Xojo file uploader if its not mavericks and wcc if it is. Anyone know if this is possible?

is this what you are looking for?
Determine OS Versiont

You could use Session.Header(“User-Agent”) to pull the user agent string like this:

dim s as string = Session.Header("User-Agent") dim rx as new RegEx rx.SearchPattern = "(?mi-Us)Mac OS X ([0-9_]*)" dim rxOptions as RegExOptions = rx.Options rxOptions.LineEndType = 4 dim match as RegExMatch = rx.Search( s ) if match<>nil and match.SubExpressionCount > 0 Then dim vers as string = match.SubExpressionString(1).ReplaceAll("_",".") End If

I’d do this in the Session.Open event so it only gets called once.

Remember: vers is a string because it could return “10.8.5”

(Special thanks to @Kem Tekinay for his RegExRx app which I used to generate this code :slight_smile: )

Web Custom Controls does work with Xojo 2013r3.x. It’s only the jQueryFileUpload control that has a problem with r3 due to Feedback issue 29775, which has been fixed but has not yet shipped.

Dave - I have been unable to reproduce your issue using jQueryFileUpload with Xojo 2013r2. The test project you sent worked perfectly. I would love to help you with this but I’m going to need more information or a test project that more closely approximates what’s happening in your application. Please email me for further assistance.