DetailView on launch in Portrait orientation

Can’t find the thread now, but I seem to remember that you have to enable all orientations in an iOS app to get the app approved these days.

I use a split screen and when the app launches in portrait, the detail view appears with no indication that you have to rotate the iPad or swipe left to get the master view.

My last app had this “feature” and got approved by Apple. My new app was just rejected because they launched it in portrait and thought the app had hung. I’ve replied back with an explanation that you have to rotate or swipe and my app is back in review.

Am I likely to get approved this time or will I have to check and put up some kind of message on the detail view to get it approved? Time will tell.

You could have a start window that rotates, and explains the app is best as landscape.

This particular detail view is a splash screen that only appears at launch and when nothing is selected in the master view. So I am thinking of just putting a label in the white space and making it visible based on the orientation. But I’m hoping Apple just approves it as is, like they did my last app.

This is not true… I just got an app approved today that is landscape only, and have other approved apps that are portrait only

  1. If you’re app does not support all orientations, then you have to opt out of multitasking support as described in this blog post: (2016r4 will do this automatically).

  2. You can force your master/detail views to appear in portrait using a simple declare. Check out this example project:


Dodged the bullet. My app status just got changed to Ready For Sale. Thanks, everyone!