DesktopTextArea (and TextArea) Styled error

this code:

TA_Info.StyledText.RTFData = Texte_Info_TIS.ReadAll

strips the ’ character.

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The character you mention, is it single quote ', or curly quote single ’ (as the forum does for single quote) ?

Is Texte_Info_TIS RTF ? Where does it come from ?

It’s the curly version.

Is Texte_Info_TIS RTF ?

Where does it come from ?
I typed it using the keyboard into a TextEdit document and saved it as RTF (standard save).

But look at the screen shot below:

Top most window is a TextEdit document, the other (blue and white) is the Xojo running application.

When I Copy / Paste these characters (the selected line), they are not stripped…


Originally tested with Xojo 2021r2.1, verified with Xojo 2022r1.1 / DesktopTextArea.

I don’t understand. The lower text seems to belong to TextEdit, and indeed, curly quotes are missing above.

Have you tried to copy from TextEdit and paste into TextArea ?

No, that works.

Yoiu already asked if the TextInputStream (far above) is a RTF file…

I typed the text using TextEdit, then save it as RTF file and replaced the correct file for a project where I saw the missing curly apostrophe.

And yes, they are stripped at load time (read far above).

And, as I wrote (watch the screen shot), this is using last Monterey / M1. This behavior does not exist under i5 El Capitan (where I created the project).

I even transformed the example to Xojo 2022 (DesktopTextArea vs TextArea) to be sure… there is an error.

The error is in Xojo 2022: both in TextArea and DesktopTextArea…

Isn’t that testing ?

You should file a feedback case.