DesktopTextArea.AllowTabs in code is ignored

It seems that setting DesktopTextArea.AllowTabs to be True in code is ignored.

I have added an Issue for this, but does anyone know a workaround?

Again, like HasHorizontalScrollBar and HasVerticalScrollBar (your other thread) in the old documentation, this property is mentioned as read-only.

Why don’t you set that in the IDE ?

I am creating a Text Editor and I want the User to be able to choose whether the Tabs are kept as text (or not) and the text wraps (or not).

I don’t want to have to create four hard-coded TextAreas to handle all combinations!

You can filter out tabs with Keydown, so they are not kept in the text.

You’ll also want to filter out Tabs in DropObject event, and when pasting.