DesktopTabPanel File drop?

I have a DesktopTabPanel with 3 tabs, each tab has a canvas on it that should accept file drops. If I drop a drawing on it withthe tab(0) the selectedtab, it doesnt drop on the canvas for that panel but the next one - the canvas on on panel(1). Im not seeing any way to tie the canvases to the particular panel (like embedwithin or being able to assign the parent since i cant access a tabpanel by index or any other way, no PanelAt(n) ) They show the right tab caption for each canvas when i click the canvas control in the IDE - so they are correctly place within the parent bounds for each tab. Any idea why the drop isnt picked up by the active tab panel? What am I missing here?

Is tab(0) the parent of the canvas? I always use pagepanels and there I never had problems. Can you make an example project?

The screenshot shows a canvas on a pagepanel:

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Thank you Beatrix, the nudge to make a sample app made me discover my ususal self inflicted wound. I was setting the panel order in the opening events from a previous endeavor.