Hello everybody,

Is there some secret constants for DesktopPreferencesMenuItem like there is for DesktopQuitMenuItem. I can not find in documentation any information for #App.kFileQuit and #App.kFileQuitShortcut. Maybe there is some constants for DesktopPreferencesMenuItem ?

Set the super of your About menu item to DesktopApplicationMenuItem

Sorry it’s not my question. My question is about translation with constants. App Quit have constants kFileQuit and kFlieQuitShortCut. Does Preferences have also ready to use constantes or I need to create them by myself…

You need to create them yourself.

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kFileQuit exists as a constant because every app has it and Windows uses Exit and Mac uses Quit. Not every app has preferences.

I can’t find any reference of kFileQuit in the documentation. Is there other global constants ? Where can I find information about it?

Create a new desktop project, check the App class constants

Under “Notes”

It is part of the standard application template for desktop applications. As the Windows and Mac platforms have different text it is useful that this be created as a constant.