DesktopListbox cellpressed event wont fire in different Listboxes (LINUX Ubuntu)

Made my first expierences compiling Apps for Linux, which works great under Mac/WIN and see in Ubuntu no problems, when there ist one Listbox in the Window, which fires the cellpressed event.
But can’t solve a problem in an application which has two DesktopListboxes in the Window. These are overlapped and only one ist in Front visible by using Visible = true. The paint event works, but in Linux cellpressed wont fire. WIN and Mac have in this case no problems.

Anyone with experiences welcome.
Maybe the cause ist, that Linux can’t respect the focus in overlapped controls in the window?

Tested also in 2022r1. Ubuntu 64bit

Thanks for helping!

Solved by redesigning the App, using only one common listbox with changing the properties for different tasks and cell pressed works again, like it should.

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