DesktopListBox API 2 Gridlines


Maybe it’s me, but I actually struggle with the conversion of one of my products to API 2. I can’t find a way to know if vertical gridlines of a DesktopListbox are shown.

IF myList.GridLineStyle.vertical … ends up in a complier error :

myListbox.Paint, line 13 Type “DesktopListBox.GridLineStyles” has no member named “Vertical”


IF myList.GridLineStyle=… ends up in a complier error :

MyListbox.Paint, line 13 Type mismatch error. Expected Int64, but got enum DesktopListBox.GridLineStyles

How to check for vertical gridlines ???

Many thanks in advance for your help.

if me.GridLineStyle=DesktopListBox.GridLineStyles.Vertical then
  MessageBox "vertical!"
end if
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