how can i return a complete row of a listbox?
before i used list.cell(myRow, -1)

The docu says:

The class constants AllColumns and AllRows can be used to specify that you wish to get or set all the values columns or rows.

so, why does;

MessageBox list.CellTextAt(list.LastAddedRowIndex, DesktopListBox.AllColumns)

This item does not exist (DesktopListBox.AllColumns)
MessageBox list.CellTextAt(list.LastAddedRowIndex, DesktopListBox.AllColumns)


I believe the all columns and all rows shortcuts were removed from DesktopListbox.

ah… ok.

Do i have to use a for…next loop now to get a complete row?

I thought Xojo was supposed to be a RAD environment…

I know this has come up before … but I don’t recall if they explain said WHY that was removed…

And if was just that they did like the syntax, why they did not add the equivalent functionality in a different way… (though -1 is a pretty logical “magic number” for this type of thing IMO).


I can’t tell you the whys, but I can tell you that they were just constants for -1. I don’t know if the functionality carried over if you use -1, but I do think I saw a ticket to bring the whole thing back.