DesktopImageViewer New 2021r3 Not in Library

I’ve not used Xojo for a few years, so may have forgotten a standard procedure. If so, please remind me.

ImageWell has been replaced by DesktopImageViewer in 2021r3.
This control is not in the Library, so how is it added to a layout?

Martin Q

It’s there called Image Viewer, if you filter by “image” does it not show?

Should be this one:

Many thanks Julian & Paul.
Yes the Image Viewer is there. It is under “Viewers” not “Image” and separated from the Canvas, which I have used extensively in the past. I am just catching up with the many changes over the past couple of years. I saw that the ImageWell was replaced with this new control, but somehow did not see the ImageViewer.

The panel has search field. :wink: