DesktopHtmlViewer loses interactivity under various conditions

I have an app I’m building that makes use of the DesktopHTMLViewer.

It’s fine except that every once in a while the control gets into a weird state where it no longer recognizes input from the mouse. I can still use the scroll wheel to scroll up/down, but I can’t click anything: scrollbar, select text, links, etc.

Once it gets into this state it’s impossible to get out of. I’m forced to quit my app and relaunch it.

It appears to enter this state upon two conditions:

  1. The OS keychain window pops up asking to permission to access credentials (and I deny it).
  2. Some JavaScript runs (usually for something like a paywall) that makes the page unusable.

Even with #2, though, loading a different page doesn’t take care of the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone know of a possible workaround?

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Same here, difficult to reproduce but started after 2024r2

I use it to run a custom rich text editor which has been running flawlessly in all 2023 and 2024r1 versions.

On which platform(s)? I’ve not seen this on macOS. I make extensive use of the DesktopHTMLViewer for my rich editor, my application bundler, a timeline control, a syntax editor, and others that I work with daily. I can attest that there are some outstanding, hard to reproduce, issues on Windows. If you can reliably reproduce it, please open a case so that William can take a look.

Post up the issue link and I’d be happy to help as well.


Only on windows on my end.

This is on MacOS for me (OP) and - yes - I just upgraded to 2024r2.

Here’s a video I took of it (need to r-click, open in window, I think, because of Dropbox). Difficult to “see” because you can’t really see anything happen. But I perform the same actions on every page opened:


  • Try and select some text
  • Use the scrollbar (with the mouse, not the scroll wheel)

When I go to the 3rd page (Checkly @ ~0:09) everything is still working, I can select text, and you can see the “Accept all Cookies” popup (I don’t know that this is the issue, but it certainly seems to happen more often with things like that).

Then I close it and go to the next page, but at this point the control is completely borked. When you see me frantically moving the mouse (@ ~ 0:12) I’m clicking and trying to select text. And ~0:15 I’m trying to use the scrollbar to no avail.

And it’s not just that page. I close it, open another, and attempt the same actions again.

I see. Can you share that project? If not publicly then in a private case to Xojo? I have a theory, but I can’t confirm it without actually interacting with the application while running.

I’ve been testing the project you attached and it’s throwing exceptions as there are links in there that use HTTP protocol but you don’t have a plist that allows insecure loads in the app transport policy.

I’ve also hit roughly 25 links, selected text, then clicked back via “Stories” and can’t see an issue. I can’t seem to find the checkly link that causes the issue for you.

Edit: I’ve managed to reproduce it, but I didn’t keep count this time.
Edit again: I’ve sent Jeffrey a workaround that’ll help him move forward with his project.