DesktopComboBox present drop down

I use many instances of DesktopComboBox in a Mac/Win app. Is there any way to automatically drop down the list when a user clicks in the Edit field?

I can detect the click, but there doesn’t appear to be a method to open the list.

Stupid answer: why don’t you click in the arrow ?

Standard answer: I do not understand why you want to click in the TextField to get the List be opened…

If you are unsure to find what you want in the list, click first in the arrow, then - if not found - type directly your text. Works on macOS Ventura with m1 Apple Silicon.

Yes, I should have provided more detail. I would like to programmatically present the drop down list when the user starts typing. The list dynamically changes based on pattern matching as the user types.

It is possible for the user to click the drop down arrow, then click in the edit field and start typing, but it would present a more user friendly solution if they can just start typing and it automatically shows a more refined list of potential choices until they see what they want and select it.