DesktopComboBox list disappears?

The DesktopComboBox list disappears as soon as I mouse the mouse out of the ‘textfield’ of the combobox. Any ideas why this happens? Same happens when I add a brand new combobox.

In a new app this issue does not happen.

Actually the combobox list disappears as soon as the mouse enters it?!

You need to show the problem for inspection. If not publicly, privately to Xojo in a “Issue Report”

Sounds like you’ve got some code that manipulates focus.


Yes and no. In the window-mouseexit event handler there was a set focus. When disabling this the issue was solved. Still very weird behaviour, not as it should if you ask me.

Since the dropdown is technically a separate window, your mouse is technically exiting the original window, triggering a mouseexit event. Agreed, it’s unexpected, but technically correct.

Thanks Tim, glad it makes sense :+1:t2: