Desktop shortcuts files for Windows

Anyone can help me with manually creting a desktop shortcut ?
I already looked on the interwebs but I couldnt find anything useful.
I want my apps to have the option “create desktop shortcut”, it seems a cool feature, so I need to know exactly what to write in the file.


Maybe this can be of any help?

…or the easy way. Use Inno Setup and let that installer handle all of that for you.

Try Inno Setup, I have been using it for 15 years, easy to use, it works and its free.

What about using mklink from a shell?

That’s a separate technology (filesystem links vs. shell links), and mklink isn’t shipped with older versions of Windows.

You could write such a file with the right info

Lnk files specs are available

The simplest way to go is to build an installer.

Another one is to build the shortcut with the Windows UI, and store it. It is just an LNK file. The trick is if the user does not install the program in the proper directory, the shortcut will be broken.

If it was for me, I would use an installer. Why reinvent the wheel ?

With multi-login computers it is a kind feature to offer and allows the end user more flexibility over time.

Setup is not the application, only the initial settings to get going.