[Desktop] Import / Export file format

In another conversation about export data from a DB, someone talked about html.

This idea grows in my mind until now.

Is html considered as a file format for Import / Export data ?

I can export data from a Data Base into a …/…

encapsulated in an html file.

I think doing that (coding that) is really something easy (at least for me) and will takes me far less time to add in my application than adding XML or (worst) JSON. *

This will have the adventage to be displayed in a Browser.

Do you know if this is something already in use in applications ?
(if some application can open html file and import data from its table ?)

  • I can use a background color (<tr …/…>) to make the object section entry (Service TABLE, Core TABLE, etc.). The title="" tag is wonderful for that (too).

I store HTML into SQLite and it works fine.

I have produced a set of classes that can create an HTML file.

My website www.simcarsoftware.com has the download available there.