Desktop HTMLViewer LoadPage w/local and anchor

Is there a way use HTMLViewer.LoadPage with a local page (for a help file) and have it go to an anchor?

My code has not changed that much since this link

@Arthur Gabhart — Yes you can do that but not with LoadPage. You will need to use LoadURL instead, so you can specify the anchor

[code]//In HTMLViewer.Open
dim path as string = “/Applications/Xojo 2018 Release 3/Extras/PluginsSDK/Documentation/Plugin SDK Array Reference.html”
dim url as string = “file:///” + EncodeURLComponent( path ) + “#REALInsertArrayValue_Type_

me.LoadURL url

Thanks. It was worth asking just for EncodeURLComponent.

HelpWindow.HTMLVwr.LoadURL(f.URLPath + "#GrammarUpdate")