Desktop Has Net Connection?

I’m pretty net coding illiterate…

Is there an Xplatform (Mac Win) way to determine if the machine has an active web connection?

I want to let uses go to specific websites in an HTML viewer for information, but only want to enable the functionality if there is a web connection. I also want them to be able to do additional data processing on an external website.

I know a specific site may not be available but that should be rare occurrence… Not having a net connection at all is more likely.

I don’t them to have to wait for a time out or some such because that can be be VERY frustrating.


  • karen


Thanks! I forgot about that. I thought I would have to poll something!!!

  • Karen

Network tells you if you have a lan connection. There is no easy way to know if you have an Internet connection, short of attempting to connect to a website.

First test for IsConnected, then use LookupIPAddress for the site.