(DESKTOP) Display Database info in Listbox

Ok I’ve looked at every tutorial out there and nothing seems to help me out much. I need a tutorial that doesn’t create a random DB but opens mine and displays the Customer Info into the Listbox. Then i need to be able to add a new customer to the Database Via Filling out a WindowForm and then taking all the info from the textfields and adding it to the right column. Also need it so if the Customer already exists then to not add him and to display a msgbox saying he’s already added. Lastly i need it to create an AutoIncrement CustomerID that adds “1” to the last Customer added. EXAMPLE - if there is 10 customers then when i add another one it makes the CustomerID “11” and displays the Number In the first Cell .

PS. There is 10 Columns. CustomerID,Company,Name,Address,Address2,City,State,Zip,Phone,Email
The Database is Called CustomerDB.sqlite and the Table is Called Customer

Really need help . Never got this stuck before!!! If anyone can create an example using my info that would be great! thank you

Have you looked at the Eddie’s Electronics example? It does exactly what you’re describing.

@Tim Hare im just not sure what im looking at when its all just thrown at me . Im not sure of what does what and why its being called. if you can explain it a little better and break it down so i know what im looking at then the Eddies Electronics would help alot.

Maybe it’s time to read the user guide then?
http://documentation.xojo.com about halfway down on the left.

@Tim Parnell Thank you again bud