(DESKTOP)Control Set Append tabs

I need to have it when the User selects the Amount of Unique items they need(Shirts,Hats,Pants) it Append the amount the user picked as New tabs that get auto fill with the same info in the first Tab.(I have some Textfields and Checkboxes in the First Tab.) I know how to use the Control sets I’m just not sure how to make all the info go to the new tabs. Not sure of the syntax for it or how to write it. Any ideas ? Example ?

Thank you
Travis McBride

If possible, don’t duplicate identical information within a program. It CAN cause all types of debugging headaches. Why not simply have a part of your window which contains the information that is “the same info in the first Tab…” and then have your tab panel only cover a part of the window which contains the information unique to each Shirt, Hat, etc.?
When you are ready to add the unique info to each tab, you address the tabs by their index.
TabPanel1(0).itemField.Text = “Some Data”
TabPanel1(1).costField.Text = “More Data”