desktop containers - probably a programming error?

In the open event of my window (“cc”), I declare and embed a container (“containerToolbars”) containing my toolbars:

        dim tools as new containerToolbars
        tools.toolbarTabs.enabled = false

… this shows the container with the toolbars.

My user logs in (in a login container) which should enable the toolbars, but I get a nil object exception when trying to enable the toolbar or even identify the container. My programming is in a module called “session.” (This is clearly working).

My session.login programming is: = true

I’ve backed it out to: = true

, but I still get the nil object exception. I’m thinking this has to be a brain-fart, but can’t figger it out.

It appears that you have a property on the window named “tools”, but you’re not using it in your open code.

dim tools as new containerToolbars

The dim statement creates a local variable which just happens to have the same name as the window property. Change it to

tools = new containerToolbars

Now you’re using the window property, not a local variable which will go out of scope and become unreachable.

told ya it was dumb …