Desktop Chart Line shows only limited number of points


I use Desktop Chart Line in R1-2024 to show time values, ideally about 3000 values in one chart. Apparently the Graphic chart only shows some hundred values and that probably depending on the width of the chart in my window. If there are too many values, the chart stays empty and I do not get any warning/error. I would prefer if Xojo can automatically “take out” some values, e.g 5% so that the line is still drawn.

Here an example in Controls.Chart1.Opening

Var SetOfData() As Double
const set_size as integer = 600 //works with 500…
me.width = 350 //narrow
For n As Integer = 0 To set_size
SetOfData.add System.Random.InRange(0,10) + 500

Me.mode = DesktopChart.Modes.Line
Me.Title = "Chart Width = "+ me.width.tostring + " Set Size " + set_size.tostring
Var DS1 As New ChartLinearDataset(“DS1”, Color.Blue, false, SetOfData)
DS1.ChartType = ChartLinearDataset.ChartTypes.Line = ChartlinearStyle.EndPoints.none
Me.AddDatasets DS1

Any suggestions how I can proceed?

try to sum,min,max,avg a column of data for a timespan, as example in a query on sqlite database.