Desktop application forced scaling

I have an application that was designed as 400x500 (with resizing disabled).
A few users asked me if I can add x1.5/x2 scaling control to the app UI just to make everything larger but they don’t want to use the OS scaling as it would affect all other tools they work with.
Is it possible to force 150%, 200% scaling on a desktop application regardless of the OS setting, so that everything would look x2 in size including all the controls, texts, images, etc?

Check out .

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Very nice Beatrix, I’ll definitely check it out.
I hope it also supports all the graphics drawing variables I have in the window and that it can lock aspect ratio so that users won’t be able to mess it up and will always see the result in the intended proportions:)
If that would be the case it would be a superb fit :wink:

You may consider applying smallSystem font to all objects for the small view, and System font for the bigger view; then test and set their widths, heights and tops (also for the window itself).