Desktop app with checklists (JSON)

I’d like to develop a desktop app with Xojo.
I have a paper module with some checklists and some tables, and I’d like to bring it on computer. So I need different sections, each one has its own checklist (the values are saved in a JSON file) and its own custom tables. Also, the user must be able to compile more than one module without losing information (so for example, I start compiling module A, then save, than I close it and start module B, then I save, then I return to module A and I have to find the values that I’ve inserted before).

I have no idea on how to do it! First, I don’t know how to generate checklists from my JSON files, then I have to store the “checks” of the user in some way, then I have to do the same thing with the tables and then use an “Upload” button to uppload all the data as a JSON object.

Any tips? I’d be very grateful if someone could help me, thanks!