Desktop app download from WebApp - tradeoffs of approach (CURL, FTP, SecureSocket)

I control both sides of the exchange - desktop app and webapp. At times, the desktop app will need to get a file from the web. So far I have figured out how to do this with HTTPSecureSocket and MBS CURL (FTP).

Is there a reason I should prefer one approach (those above of something else) versus the other?

MBS Plugin can verify certificates, so security is better.
Also plugin can do HTTP 1.1 which some server require.

Thanks Christian -
In CURL for upload, I was able to get that working with ftps://… and the following options.

[quote]d.OptionFTPSSL = d.kFTPSSL_ALL
For some reason, I can only get the CURL for download working with the non-secure protocols: ftp://, OptionFTPSSL = d.kFTPSSL_NONE.

Is there any obvious reason why I am not getting the secure download working? (I haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet, but wondering if you can think of something obvious).


maybe you use OptionVerbose and check debug messages after transfer?

and OptionSSLVerifyHost should be 2, not just 1.

Thanks for this thread. It answered my question about http 1.1. My client requires http 1.1, so the httpsecuresocket is not something I can use. Watch for my MBS renewal coming in later today, Christian! :slight_smile:

it’s true, MBS Curl is an interesting alternative. For HTTP1.1 and other things. I even saw Curl starts handling HTTP/2. But apparently it does not handle websocket. I saw MBS provides a helper to frames in websockets. Perhaps it would be useful to have an example of how to handle the handshake with the security keys.