Designing a Screen

Hi all,

Just a few comments about the IDE for screen layout design:

  1. if “grids” can help designing screen, now it is not easy by making use of the blue lines to align controls

  1. it is quite slow in moving controls around especially if you are moving more than 1 control. Try it out, if you need to move a group of controls, say 4 labels and 4 text fields, from left of the screen to right, how long does it take? My experience is around 10 seconds. I understand each control there are methods, events at the back that needs more time to process, but can it be speed up?

In general, screen designing is not an easy job in Xojo, at least to me.


May I suggest that perhaps it is your computer or installation that is the issue here, and not soley XOJO? If this were as painful for everyone (or even a significant number of people), it would be wider spread than just your post. I use XOJO on a daily basis and have screens with dozens of controls, and moving them around is quick and seamless…

Also be aware, that moving controls around does not drag the code behind them, it simply changes the drawing bounds.

and for the heck of it… I created a screen with 8 labels and 8 text fields, and dragged the whole group around the screen with zero lag…

So… I would say either you have a computer that either does not meet the XOJO requirements, or there is software (other than XOJO) that is consuming a majority of the cpu cycles.

10 seconds for moving controls? How much RAM does your computer have? Even my 6 year old MacPro manages this instantly.

Ah the VB dots, don’t miss them at all!

I have 2 computers running Xojo. The one in my office is a dell i5 machine with 4G ram and SSD running Windows 7, and another notebook in my home, i7 6G ram with SSD also, both of them have the same problem. Nothing wrong with other programs even MS Visio or PS. I know this is weird. I will try to upload a video later.

Try a computer with a more modern amount of RAM like 16.

You may have too many apps running. Looks like Windows is paging memory. Check with TaskManager.

This should work well with Xojo, perhaps it’s time to listen? Even the i5 should perform well enough. Tony I look forward to your video upload, perhaps we can determine what you are doing that we are not that gives you this experience.

The quality is not good but still you can see that I click on 8 controls in one time, then I need to wait for Xojo to process. It takes just around 10 seconds.

The video did not capture the task manager clearly but the resources was low and you can see that my computer only has Xojo running at that time.

This is typical of Windows when it has not enough memory.

It should be pretty easy to reproduce this in a VM. But Windows has never been very comfortable with less than 8 GB anyway. Chances are it sets page memory too high because of that.


Page memory set to auto, memory usage is low and I am not running on any kind of VM…

I am not saying bad to Xojo and there is no point I set this up. In fact, I rated Xojo 10 (highly possible to refer Xojo) in a e-questionaire a couple of days ago. I am planning to make use of Xojo to be my primary programming tool, switching from SV Clarion.

Perhaps 32-bit windows is the problem?

I am just trying to help here. I have know Windows since 1985 and suffered through lack of memory more than once. If you can expand your memory (some machines cannot), consider doing so.

Otherwise, I suspect Windows automatic paging to be allowing too much paginated memory that swaps to disk to Xojo. Under Windows, a 32 bit application can use up to 3.5 GB max. Windows probably won’t let any app consume more than 1GB or RAM in a 4GB machine.

Try setting Page memory to say 500 KB, restart Windows and see what happens.

Thanks Michel, I will have it a try right away.

Nothing obvious change after setting the page size…

I know how my computer behaves if it is running out of memory. If on the same computer, nothing wrong with Photoshop, Visio, Clarion, IE, Chrome … just only Xojo?

I will try to run on a mac or Windows 10 64-bit next week to see what happens.

Have you tried to change the virtual memory page to the minimum of 16 GB ?

I see the same sort of issues with large Xojo projects that have complex UIs. For instance, in Windows 10 running on the following setup:

Windows 10
Intel Core i7-4710MQ
24.0 GB RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX970M
2 identical displays with different settings…
1 4k display (3840x2160 @ 200%)
1 display (1920x1080 @ 100%)

It can sometimes take quite a long time for Xojo to catch up when I’m just trying to select multiple controls (moving many controls at a time can be worse). As an example:
Select control 1: instantaneous
Select control 2: 1-3 seconds
Select control 3: 4-10 seconds

I’ve not actually timed it, but that’s a rough estimate of what I see in large projects. I’ve even had the IDE crash on me when selecting more than 10 controls at a time. I’ve narrowed it down to the project explorer, myself. If I collapse everything I’m not currently using, things speed up considerably, so it may be that some optimization is needed there.

Another interesting issue I’ve seen is when dragging objects around in the project explorer on the left-hand side when you have a very large project, things get pretty wacky pretty quickly.

That is interesting. It contradicts my assumption that it is Windows paged memory slowing things down. With 24 GB it has to be in Xojo.

Then only Norman can probably find the reason why it does that.

I’m not saying it’s not user error…I could be doing something silly in my setup, but it’s been roughly the same for years and I first really noticed these issues with the conversion to Xojo.

[quote=271137:@Wayne Golding]This should work well with Xojo, perhaps it’s time to listen? /quote]
+1 to Wayne. Geez, the guy has a clear software problem and the answer is get more memory?

@Tony Lam : If u start a brand new project, do u see the same thing? If u clear the Xojo cache, do u see the same thing?

Unless specifically designed to remap memory pages, a 32-bit app cannot go beyond the 32-bit limits. theoretical is 4GB. now, address space for an app is about 2 GB IIRC, so that would be the practical limit that the 32-bit XOJO IDE can use, regardless of hardware specs.

Someone will surely set me straight soon enough… :wink: